FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why do I need an event planner?

A:  Most people are not familiar with the event flow and preparation behind the scenes even though they have ideas in their head. An event planner is here to assist you and come up with suitable event strategy, event details and creativity in order to present the event in a bigger picture.


  1. What types of events does DME.events plan?

A:  DME.events is specialised in Hospitality, Corporate and Lifestyle events.


  1. Is there a minimum budget for planning any event?

A:  No, we will do our best to accomplish your event ideas depending on the budget you have.


  1. How soon should I book your service?

A:  Ideally 2 months in advance of your event date.


  1. Do you charge on initial consultation?

A:  No, all consultation is free before the contract is signed.


  1. What is the difference between event design and event planning?

A:  Event design is all about finding the right mix of aesthetic elements to bring your event to life. Event planners handle the logistical elements of your event, including everything from the catering to the entertainment to the parking.


  1. How do I decide what type of entertainment to choose for my event?

A:  We will provide all kinds of entertainment for your reference and select the most relevant ones according to your event theme.


  1. How far in advance of my event date should I book my venue?

A:  It really depends on where you want your event to be and also depends on the schedule of the venue. If the venue is free, you can book it even one day before. If the schedule of this venue is too full, you may not even be able to book it 4-5 months before.


  1. Do you carry insurance?

A:  Yes, and we recommend our clients to buy insurance.


  1. Are there any types of events you will not help planning?

A:  We do not plan any events that is illegal or could do harm to others. Otherwise, we can accept most types of event.

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