The ‘Series’

At DME we’re used to catering to the wishes of our clients – and we love it! That said DME has a hidden talent: the ability to find hidden/forgotten locations into premium event venues! And for that we have called ‘the Series’ to life.

The main idea behind ‘the Series’ is to use our event planning skills to organize the ultimate events. Be it small or large, but ever unique. The events that you’ll remember 10 years from now.

It is DME’s chance to use our skills and turn our profession into hobby for a moment. Our chance to show you what we’re made off. The only condition is that the DME’s love for remote and unique locations is instilled in the event. The rest is history:

The Helipad Party

The first event launched under the ‘Series’. This forgotten Helipad was a raw but perfect place for a simple combination: “Champagne – Music – Helipad”. With unrivaled views of Guangzhou’s Zhujiang New Town, this 65th floor Helicopter landing platform provided our guests with a first for China. It is the answer to “I’ve never partied on a Helipad before” – because now we have!

Check out the photos of the Helipad events:

Helipad Party I

Helipad Party II

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